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So, here’s the idea. I’ve been taken by the structure and form of the Catholic Mass/ Protestant liturgy for a long time. This is because I am a true worship nerd. Don’t get bored yet, keep reading!

I’ve been working on a “playlist” that basically embodies the Catholic Mass in all of it’s movements but with songs that span over all sorts of genres. What I have finished so far is included below.

With that said, let’s have a contest for you fellow playlist-makers out there. Come up with your own set following the Catholic Mass and post it here. I’ll send the winner a free CD!

My example:

Introit: “Let Go” Frou Frou (the Mass begins with an invitation)

Kyrie: “City with No Children” The Arcade Fire (lyric- “a garden left for ruin by a million there inside…”)

Gloria: “Gloria in Excelsis” Vivaldi (after the Kyrie or “lord have mercy” you celebrate)

Gradual: “The Book of Love” Peter Gabrial (a meditation on the first gospel reading)

Credo: “Rock of Ages” The Autumn Film (this song wonderfully embodies our statement of faith)

Offertory: “Blessed to Be a Witness” Ben Harper (the giving of gifts)

Sanctus: “Holy, Holy, Holy” Sufjan Stevens (the sanctus is the Holy, Holy, Holy and this song is incredible)

Lord’s Prayer: “One Day” Matisyahu (this song fulfills the “your kingdom come” for me)

Agnus Dei: “Ara Batur” Sigur Ros (the beauty of the blood of the lamb hailed before taking communion)

Communion: “Lake Yarina” Josh Garrels (an instrumental by this amazing artist that has mystery in it)

Benediction: “Ten Thousand Angels” Caedmon’s Call (gives closure and sending to the experience)