“Potomac: Capturing American Spirituality”

“This is the beginning of something beautiful.”
-quote from one of my daughter’s old one-sies…

Here it begins! Our pre-album photography project!!

Before my new album is fully released August 7th, we are hosting a photography project called “Potomac: Capturing American Spirituality”! For all of July I’ll be putting up one song each week for listening-pleasure and photographers (and yes, you too) all over the nation will be taking pictures in response to where the song takes them! It should be a great exploration of “American faith” in this hot, summer month.

“Best of the week” photos will be used in the album artwork. And we’ve connected it with Instagram to make things simple and easy. If you take a picture in response to a listening and want to upload it on instagram, just use the hashtag #potomacproject and your photo will show up on our website.

Come to www.potomac.timcoons.com and see the details!

Cry, Freedom, Desert, Promised Land: Pictures from Thomas Nash

At the end of February I led a worship service here in Colorado where people received oil and ashes on their foreheads in preparation for Lent and Easter. The gathering was called “Ashes” and our evening was divided into movements that followed the story of the Israelites in Exodus. First movement: their crying out to God. Second Movement: Their freedom as God leads them out of Egypt. Third Movement: their experience in the desert as God purges the Egypt out of them- hence the name of the worship service, “Ashes”. Fourth Movement (only hinted at in the end of our evening) heading into the promised land.

Below are some of the photos that were used in the evening as slides and reflections. They had great depth in their simplicity and I wanted to share them with you. Thomas Nash was the designer of the room for this worship event and consequently the photographer for these incredible pictures.

Movement 1: The Cry

Movement 2: Freedom
Movement 3: The Desert
Movement 4: The Promised Land

Dance: “Part the Waters”

What a wondrous summer. Betony and I had an amazing time watching Lucy grow and having lots of opportunity to do art shows and concerts. All in time before Little Baby Two comes along (weeks away now!)

This dance is from the end of July. I played a show in Rifle, CO with great friends hosting (the McLeans and Fredricksons). It was a moving moment in the concert. The ArtillumA Dance Company (choreographed by Taylor Churchill) performed this dance to “Part the Waters”. It was inspiring.