Your Summer Soundtrack 2: Karla Adolphe

Here is the second installment for my “Your Summer Soundtrack” series. Hoping this enriches your music collection for your new summer season…

Karla Adolphe is an incredible artist who has now created her best work yet. Working with producers David Wilton (you’ll be hearing quite a bit from that name as the weeks go on.. ha!) and Latifa Phillips, Karla has captured something that is so overwhelmingly beautiful here.

The album is called “Honeycomb Tombs” and is a collection of songs Karla wrote about grief, after a close friend of hers lost a loved one.

Track to track this CD keeps moving along, high-lighting Karla’s incredible voice and surprising the listener with great instrumentation at each turn. Creative and ear-arresting instrumentation mind you. But it never feels like it goes to that realm of “oh, they tried to hard there” or “they are just trying to be different”. It just keeps coming back to one word for me… Beautiful. And given the subject matter- grief and dealing with loss- it’s such a powerful and promising contrast. It breathes hope and resurrection into that deep and difficult season….

Here is the single from the album for you to listen to called “Flying Low”. The ENTIRE ALBUM is available for FREE at the link above! Enjoy.

2 thoughts on “Your Summer Soundtrack 2: Karla Adolphe

  1. I really love this album. It is the first Carla album that I feel like really captures her true performing awesomeness. Thanks for sharing. I am excited to add it to my summer playlist.

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